The Citizen Ex browser extension is a piece of software which runs on your computer, inside your browser. The data that it gathers is your data. This data is stored by your browser on your computer and isn't stored or sent anywhere else without your express permission.

If you choose to share data with Citizen Ex via the "Share Data" button inside the extension, no personal information is included: just the locations of the websites you visit (and not their names or IP addresses). If you share your Algorithmic Citizenship badge, this only includes a graphical representation of the countries you visit, and it does not include your location, or any data about the websites you visit.

The developers built this extension, and took these decisions about how data is stored, because we believe that personal privacy is important, and people who use computers and software should be aware of, and responsible for, their own data and privacy. The extension code is open source so that anyone can inspect it.

For an introduction to online privacy issues, visit Cyber Street. For more advanced tools, see the EFF's Surveillance Self-Defense.

In addition, this site does not retain any information about you, or share any information about you with third parties.

This site records all visitors as anonymised IP addresses so we have some idea of how many people are coming to the site, where they are coming from and why. This allows us to tell people apart, but not tell who they are. To do this we use a free and open-source piece of software called Piwik, which we host ourselves. This information is accessible by the site owner and by the supporting organisations, Southbank Centre and The Space.

Cookies are small pieces of information which websites store on your computer to identify you. Some cookies, such as those used by advertisers, may continue across many websites, potentially identifying you elsewhere. Piwik uses first party cookies which means that only information about this site is stored on your computer when you visit. Find out more about removing cookies.

For more information on how Piwik works, read this privacy information.